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Happy Earth Day!

On a cool breezy Saturday morning, San Antonio Parks and Rec. offered a group of eager San Antonians a chance to give back to their city. They brought tools, mulch, arborists, and about 300 trees to the Salado Creek Trailhead on F Street. Starbucks brought hot coffee and pastries to keep us fueled. 

I represented ProRangers and Bexar County Master Gardeners at the trailhead tree planting project. The 40-odd volunteers represented about as many backgrounds. I had the incredible fortune to be able to teach folks (the very little I know) about planting trees and learn about their motivations for getting up so early in the morning to play in the dirt!

I met representatives from the Navy (Hi Miguel and Monique!), arborists (Mr. Booker it was a pleasure meeting your lovely family, Hi Brooke, Mike, and Angelique!) SAWS (Mike, thanks for all your help! I’ve been groping sycamore trees all around the area trying to tell if which variety they are!) and folks who just wanted to spend a day with their family and teach a lesson about the value of volunteerism (Jayvon, thank you very much for helping me carry that bag mulch, it was very heavy!). I met Al and his father of Al’s Lawn Service who is a strong supporter of The Alamo and other Mission parks and acted in their First Friday Reenactments. I got to spend more time with one of my favorite ProRanger cadets Angela; I learn something from her everyday, it so great!

How did you celebrate Earth Day? Do you get the chance to volunteer often? What has been or is your favorite volunteer activity?

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